“The most impressive invention of mankind is capturing reality with a line on a rock ”

Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk ( Den Helder, 1957 ) is an awardwinning comic artist and author since 1984. He explores the trade of graphic storytelling inside and out, always fascinated by the scope and possibilities of this versatile medium.


Books and comics to be be published in 2022:

March 2022


Destination Canada (Bestemming Canada). An anthology of short stories about emigrants to Canada. Kolk has written and drawn the life of André Hissink, a WW2 pilot.

May and October 2022


Publisher: uitgeverij L.
A new publisher, a fresh start. From this year on, two books a year will appear!

May 2022

Meccano – Poppy

Publisher: De Harmonie
There will be two editions. A luxury, rare edition of 10 books on A3 that will be accompanied by an original page. Afterwards, the regular edition will be published by De Harmonie.


For some special occasions Hanco Kolk delivered artwork for animations 

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