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Meccano 5: Poppy

From Januari 2021, every week 3 pages of the newest Meccano will be published on this website for free! So check back soon!

Meccano is an imagenary subtropical city where the rich and famous live their hedonistic lifestyles on the edge of lucious wealth and dubious taste.

With this graphic Novel series, Hanco Kolk creates his own stage for exploring contemporary stories about the stressing issues of our time with some tongue-in-cheek and an edgy sense of humor.

About Meccano:Poppy

Hanco Kolk publishes vlogs about the making off Meccano:Poppy on a regular basis.
Videos are made by Guus Kaandorp.

Meccano 5: Poppy

From Januari untill March 2021, 6 pages of Meccano Poppy will be pre-published  in Dutch in comic magazine Eppo.


About Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk ( Den Helder, 1957 ) has been an awardwinning comic artist and author since 1984. He has explored the medium inside and out, fascinated by the scope and possibilities of graphic storytelling. His work varies from editorial illustrations to daily mainstream newspaper gags, from classic belgian-style slapstick to artistic graphic novel. Over the years he has gained an international following.

Gilles de Geus was his first series, made together with friend and collaborator Peter de Wit. Soon after, he developed a totally different style for Meccano, a series that enabled him to experiment technically and story-wise with each new volume he created. Again with Peter de Wit, he makes a daily gag called S1ngle for a dozen newspapers in the Netherlands.

Although his approach and techniques are touching a wide scope of genres, the Kolk-signature is always visible. His lines have an elegant sensuality and simplicity, his humour is quirky and sometimes downright bizarre.

But always you see the hunger and the need to connect with the reader.

“The most impressive invention of mankind is capturing reality on a rock with a line.”

Hanco Kolk

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